Zion Williamson will lose money if he oversizes

five kilos can make you lose a lot of money Zion Williamsonstar of the New Orleans Pelicans who has just renewed his bond with the team for five seasons and $193 million. If the player exceeds the 133 kilos of weight, when he is listed at 128, the franchise could take away part of the benefits of his new contract. Overweight problems and stress injuries have clearly affected the player during his first professional courses, a circumstance that has caused the specific clause in his contract.

According to the portal nola.comits extension for 193 million dollars, which they can become 231 if it complies with the incentives, it includes a weight clause that must be strictly adhered to. The poor conditioning of the number one in the 2019 Draft worries his franchise, which has only seen him play 85 matches out of 236 possible in his three courses in the NBA.

His personal chef said a few days ago that he sees the player very focused on his physical and nutritional preparation for the next NBA season. “He wants to be the MVP this year, and I believe in him. He will be the face of the NBA when LeBron retires.”

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