Vicente Moreno leads an educational awareness campaign for young soccer players

The coach of RCD Espanyol, Vincent Moreno, is the main image and voice of a campaign organized by the representation agency promo esport on educational sensitivity for young soccer players. The coach participated in this initiative together with the commentator Alberto Edjogo and the one who was voted the best under-14 footballer in the world, Hyacinth Ela, who is now 39 years old.

The colloquium was held at Olympic and Sports Museum of Barcelona. The campaign is aimed at all youth soccer players with the aim of promoting academic training and values ​​among them. The reason for this initiative is that only 0.2% of the federated soccer players in Spain manage to live from playing sports. “It is a great opportunity for young people. Here we are not talking about football, but about building your own future based on what you are passionate about. Find your purpose and grow personally and professionally doing what you love. From Promoesport we hope to open the eyes of young people, since society is not aware that more than 99% of players in Spain do not make a living from football”, he explained. Jose Rodriguez Baster ‘Rodri’, founder and director of football in Promoesport.

During the act, Vincent Moreno told the young footballers that “it is never too late. Realize not only us, but also those around us so that they can help us, listen to those who love you. It is difficult to find what you like. Look for things that are close to what someone who practices football really likes”.

Alberto Edjogo, for his part, commented that “what football offers you is a lot of time. You can play video games for ten hours, or video games for two hours and another eight to train and grow.”

Finally, Hyacinth Elah He stated that “in England I had more money and a lot of free time. Reading saved me. I read to learn English, to escape and help me disconnect. Remember that apart from being a footballer I am something else and that my life is more important. Football could not occupy all my time, there is life beyond.

Here is a summary video made by promo esport with the highlights of the colloquium:

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