Udoka: “We were angry because of his toughness”

Ime Udoka shared the disgust for the lack of intensity and physical play in the first match of the tie. According to him, it is the only thing missing for the Boston Celtics who managed to tie the tie 1-1 on their way to Massachusetts with a first-rate offensive and defensive display in the first half of the second game of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. .

“I think we were angry about his toughness in the third quarter of the first game”said the coach, who is in the midst of his first playoff venture as head coach. “It was not surprising to see how well we have defended with the return of our boys”he added in reference to the return of Al Horford and Marcus Smart to the starting five.

Both players could not be in the first game, one due to covid-19 and the other due to ankle discomfort. “Miami is a great team. It was hard not being able to be in the first game, but I was able to rest and recover, and see from the sideline how to solve things for this game”, said the shooting guard, key with 24 points and 12 assists last night.

“We have poise, we are the ones who have been doing this the longestand we have to help Jayson and Jaylen, who have a lot of pressure, and deserved, on their shoulders, ”added the NBA Defensive Player of the Year. “Having the veterans back was great, their presence is comforting out there”Udoka assessed.

On Butler’s attempt in the third quarter, Smart explained that he loves playing against him. Last night he had to defend him and tie him short: “We all know that Jimmy is a great competitor, he has a lot of heart. We love playing against each other.”

On how to prepare for the third round in Boston, Smart said it was about sticking with the same plan. “We have two physical teams, number one and number two. You can only prepare thinking that they will try to beat you at home”settled.

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