Two wins leave Lions 10th in Singapore

Two wins leave Lions 10th in Singapore

Two wins leave Lions 10th in Singapore
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Two wins against Scotland (27-10) and Kenya (19-10) have allowed the Spanish rugby 7 team to play this Sunday the consolation trophy final of the Singapore tournament, sixth stage of the World Seriesin which they finished tenth after losing against France (24-19) that last match.

In their first Sunday meeting, Spain surprised the Scots at the start with an essay by the captain, Javi de Juan, replicated in the kick-off action by Jordan Edmonds, although an individual move by Pol Pla, who was very skillful in making cuts, allowed him to reach half-time with an advantage (12-5).

Thanks to their mastery of the aerial game, the national team monopolized the oval in the second half, in which they widened the difference with essays by Tobías Sainz-Trágaga and Nico Nieto before two marks from Edmonds, again, and Jerry Davoibaravi, in his scoring debut with the ‘Lions’, established the final 27-10. Another magnificent start made the task easier for the Spaniards against Kenya, powerless throughout the first half against the fierce defense of Pablo Feijóo’s players, who patiently moved the ball to pose three tries through Eduardo López, Pol Pla and Javi de John (19-0).

In the second half, the national team managed its advantage despite numerical inferiority caused by the admonition to Juan Pedro Ramos, since the two trials of the Africans, the work of Kevin Wekesa and Billy Odhiambo, they arrived too late to compromise the Spanish victory (19-10). The final of the consolation trophy pitted Spain against France, which in seventy seconds scored the two tries, through Paulin Riva and William Iraguha, which ultimately turned out to be decisive, because the ‘Lions’ had to be in tow throughout the game despite Nieto’s quick response, enabled by Davoibaravi after an inside step that fixed two opponents.

Aaron Grandidier scored again for the Gauls, but Tobías Sainz-Trápaga, still in the first half, kicked a short serve by Iraguha to win the race against the entire rival defense and plant the second Spanish trial with the clock already zero (19-14). In the second period, a mark from Nisié Huyard and another from Davoibaravi, an opportunist to complete an advance by Juan Martínez, made it 24-19 on the scoreboard and Spain had one last possession to force extra time, at least, but López dropped the ball five meters from the try line.

Corteva Cocos recovers the scepter of the Iberdrola League

Corteva Cocos recovers the scepter of the Iberdrola League

Spain will play for ninth place in Singapore

Spain will play for ninth place in Singapore

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