The shooting coach of stars like Durant, Curry and LeBron arrested for rape

Rob McClanaghan, one of the most prestigious personal trainers in the NBA, has been arrested at the age of 43 while fleeing from justice after receiving an arrest warrant for rape in an incident registered in Boston. The star shooting preparer as LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry in the past he was captured on fugitive charges and will also be tried for drugging a woman with the aim of having sexual relations.

The coach’s lawyer, who on his personal website boasts of having trained other great stars such as Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose, declined to comment to the media while his client remains in police custody without bail. In addition to the players themselves, other famous figures in the NBA media environment had a close relationship with the coach. Jim Boeheim, coach of Syracuse, and Adrian Wojnarowski, a prestigious journalist for the ESPN, they had praised McClanaghan’s work in the past.

A year ago, in an article published in The Players Tribune, the technician shared that he was about to commit suicide and that he survived because the belt he intended to use to end his life broke. Despite having overcome that low point, it does not seem that the coach is doing much better now.

“Not surprising, is it? When this is your life – putting on a mask every day, not letting anyone in, being away from family, holding back emotions and just trying to get from one hotel room to another -, what will happen to your personal life?“, he reflected last year.

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