The Pistons mess with Jokic

The Denver Nuggets got back Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray and Aaron Gordon but they were stunned by a Detroit Pistons who had yet to win a road game this season and did so by a tight 108-110 win in Colorado.

Bojan Bogdanovicwith 22 points and 9 rebounds, led to a win that snaps a seven-game losing streak for Detroit. Jokicone step away from the triple-double with 31 points, 9 rebounds and 10 assistsreturned to the competition after missing the last three games due to the anti-covid health protocols.

“I have noticed not having played these days, my body has not moved much because I have been sitting at home for five days doing little more than an exercise bike”, commented the reigning MVP after the defeat. The Nuggets, with a record of 10-7, were able to enjoy their entire squad for the first time in 15 days. Since last November 9, always they lacked at least one of their top five scorers this season.

After arriving at the event with the worst balance of the competition, the Pistons left satisfied with an unexpected and soothing victory for their confidence. “You have to win to validate what you preach, what you build”commented a Dwyane Casey who wanted to give more minutes and responsibility to the team’s veterans.

In an NBA day with only four games, Ben Simmons returned to Philadelphia on Tuesday with a defeat against the Sixers; the Sacramento Kings extended their fabulous streak by adding their seventh consecutive victory (something they hadn’t achieved since 2004) and the Phoenix Suns won despite a historic Anthony Davis.

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Philadelphia settles accounts with Ben Simmons

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