The penultimate day, unified, will be played on May 15

There is still no specific time but there is a date for the matches of the penultimate day where there is at stake in the First division. As Mundo Deportivo has been able to learn, it will be on Sunday, May 15, when they will be played, and within the unified schedule announced by the League this week, all the matches of the highest category where there is something at stake.

Last season the time that was determined was 6:30 p.m. On this occasion, it is certain that it will be this day when all the matches are played. Date that is also explained by the fact that the same week is scheduled for the weekday dispute of the thirty-sixth day of the First Division. And within which there are several meetings that have already been set for Thursday, May 12. A total of three (Real Sociedad- Cádiz, Rayo Vallecano- Villarreal and Real Madrid- Levante). And where up to five of the six teams that play these games that day could be involved within this unified schedule.

Because let’s not forget that this obligation to play at the same time implies all the matches where there is something at stake. From the league title, if by then it is not decided, as for the part of Europe and the relegation places. Especially at this point where they are still totally open and where four, and even five teams, have options to occupy the three other places that would remain in the Champions League places given that the fourth in question is for Real Madrid, right now with all the options to become league champion.

The other two posts in Europe will also be affected by this schedule. Both the fifth in the Europa League and the sixth in the Conference League. And finally there is the descent where right now up to six teams can end up occupying the three places that represent the loss of the category.

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