The names to follow for the NBA Draft

The playoffs are over but the NBA is already working on the next season. The Draft will kick off the coming course and will do so in style, welcoming the players called to mark a before and after in the best league in the world.

Today we take a look at some of the proper names of this litterthe promises that will have a sure impact on their teams from day one and who aspire to become the stars of the NBA sooner rather than later.

Paolo BancheroDuke


paolo banchero

Duke Devils

One of the most mediatic of his generation and called to mark an era in the NBA. Banchero has had a sensational year and shows all the details of having trained under the command of Coach K. Fast outsider with infinite capacity in attack, where he can produce for the rest or generate his own points.
​You may end up falling for a team like Houston or Oklahoma, who will welcome you with open arms and make you the face of their future project. There are doubts about his defensive capabilities but in general terms he is one of the most complete players in this Draft.

Jabari Smith (Auburn)


Jabari Smith

Auburn Tigers

Most experts place him as the favorite for first place of this Draft. His destination would be Orlando, a franchise in full reconstruction in which he fits like a glove. Beyond his immediate impact, what is most attractive about Smith is his future potential.
a four with ability to play from outside and face, taking advantage of a privileged physique that allows him to shoot over almost any pairing. His defensive plus is another reason that makes Smith so attractive. In Orlando, if they have patience, they have a player with a lot of future in your hands.

Chet Holgrem (Gonzaga)


Chet Holgrem

Gonzaga Bulldogs

Is he perspective dreamed of. A unicorn player, someone capable of playing as a base measuring what an interior. Chet Holgrem is a reality and an unknown in equal parts. In Gonzaga he has shown great things but we have to see how this translates to NBA basketball. The Thunder have been the team that have shown the most interest in him and it has not been without reason.
Holgrem has boat, shot, ability to generate for his teammates and also excels in defense protecting the rim. What more could you want? There are doubts about his physique, like is logic. However, he has more raw talent than any of the players that accompany him in the litter. For that alone he is worth the risk.

Jaden Ivey (AP Photo/Doug McSchooler)


Jaden Ivey

Purdue Boilermakers

There was talk that Ivey could end up with the Kings. Now it seems that the Sacramento franchise would be looking to transfer its pick of the Draft. What is clear is that Ivey it will fit wherever it falls. Possessor of an alien physique, the Purdue player is the most attractive base of his generation.
You can play in any of the positions of guard and do it very effectively. to ivey the stitches fall off his hands although it is true that it needs to improve in the creation section. And the defense? We will have to see how its intensity translates into an NBA much more complex than the university league. Regardless, it is one of the great talents of this year.

Benedict Mathurin (Arizona)


Benedict Mathurin

Arizona Wildcats

Mathurin’s case is very peculiar. A tall young escort with a extraordinary athletic power. Mathurin lives off his body, constantly outperforming his defender not with technical resources but with explosiveness. His first step is something very complex to stop and in the NCAA it has been made clear. Nevertheless, his outside shot has nothing to envy his teammates of litter and in the NBA that has an incalculable value.
The guard of the Wildcats is easily the best scorer of the generation. A player who could fall into the Pistons, joining Cade Cunningham and forming a terrifying tandem for the future. The defense, once again, is another of the unknowns with Mathurin. When he has gotten serious he has shown more than enough capacity. Now on his head depends…

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