Spoelstra: “Today they have put us in evidence”

It was a night to forget in Miami and this is how the Heat players and coaches shared it after being outclassed by the Boston Celtics (102-127) in the second game of the Eastern Conference Finals in the NBA, who will travel to Massachusetts with a tie 1- 1 and the court factor broken in favor of the green set.

“This only counts as one match. We know that from our experience.” commented a disappointed Erik Spoelstra in the press room. “We don’t like it, but it’s like that and we have to try to understand our mistakes.” Jimmy Butler, star of the team, claimed that Boston smelled blood and went after them with everything: “They have tried to embarrass us, and they have succeeded. We have to improve in everything.”

“We have to have more resolution and pay more attention to detail. They can erase their rivals, but so can we. Today they have exposed us”, added the local coach, who shared analysis with his players. “They have hit us head-on, and we will have to respond,” limited himself to commenting Bam Adebayo very gray in the encounter.

Gabe Vincent He added another tad to the analysis and ensured that the return of Marcus Smart and Al Horford to the lineup gave the Celtics wings. “Smart has given them confidence, their presence has encouraged them,” commented the base, positive for the trip to Boston with the 1-1. “It’s happened to us before, it’s not the first time we’ve lost in the playoffs. We have to see how to react.”

Spoelstra argued that the 9 of 11 triples in the first quarter broke the game plan of the locals, unable to recover the tone after conceding a 0-17 run in the period: “They’ve really outplayed us. In scoring, that took away from our good starting habits. Then in defense they have also achieved it, and you have to give them a lot of credit for it.”

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