Spain makes history by beating Fiji … but is eliminated

Spain makes history by beating Fiji ... but is eliminated

Spain makes history by beating Fiji ... but is eliminated

The Spanish rugby 7 team has achieved in Dubai its first triumph in more than thirty confrontations with Fiji, reigning two-time Olympic champion, in the group stage of the Dubai tournament, despite which it has not qualified for the quarterfinals at the lose against Argentina and France. The second stage of the World Series, the tournament with which the Emirati tour closes, began with a difficult match for Spain, which was seen with Argentina, Olympic bronze and third also last week in Dubai, which it won thanks to a feat Marcos Moneta’s staff on the last play of the game.

The first part concluded with a tie at fourteen, with rehearsals by the Spanish Edu López and Pol Pla and the Argentine Germán Schulz and Joaquín de la Vega, without the contestants being able to tip the balance in the first five minutes of the restart. A temporary exclusion of the South American Gastón Revol gave Spain an advantage in the final stretch, but Pla missed the oval that Juan Martínez had passed him with his foot and after the subsequent scrum, Moneta overflowed from his test area to, with an inside pass , leave Santiago Vera Feld the clear path to the triumph mark (14-21).

The duel with Fiji was identically configured at the break (14-14), when the marks planted by Manu Moreno and Pol Pla had responded to the annotations of the Polynesians Waisea Nacuqu and Joseva Talacolo. In the second half, Spain monopolized the oval to clearly go ahead thanks to Moreno, who completed his double by posing next to the left flag and Tobías Sainz-Trápaga, before Fiji closed the gap through Nacuqu and Sainz-Trápaga sealed the 33-19 ending with a new brand.

The team led by Pablo Feijóo played the quarterfinals against the most affordable rival, a priori, although at the moment of truth, France was far superior to the Spanish, especially because striker Jordan Sepho, who scored two trials on paths races of sixty meters, was elusive for the defense of the ‘Lions’. Although Tobías Sainz-Trápaga kept Spain in the game until the middle of the second half with two marks, the ‘seven’ Gallic did not suffer to score a comfortable victory (14-33) thanks to two poses by Nelson Epée and a test by Joachim Trouabal over the horn.

Diables of Barcelona.

Confined in South Africa three rugby players from Barcelona

Los Hidalgos and Castilla-La Mancha, champions of Spain

Los Hidalgos and Castilla-La Mancha, champions of Spain

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