Spain is going to die killing in the resort to go to the World Cup

Spain is going to die killing in the resort to go to the World Cup

Spain is going to die killing in the resort to go to the World Cup

The Spanish Rugby Federation is going to defend itself by attacking the appeal against the expulsion from the World Cup decreed on April 28 by an independent panel appointed by its international counterpart, World Rugby. As advanced The world this Tuesday, and AS was able to confirm through federal sources involved in the process, a new case has emerged that could involve improper alignment, as in that of the Spanish of South African origin Gavin van den Berg. This is the Romanian born in New Zealand Jason Tomane, suspected of having spent more days outside Romania than allowed by regulations and targeted, like Van den Berg, for some posts on social networks.

The same sources assure this newspaper that a complaint to the International Federation is being prepared, but that “enough evidence” has not yet been collected to support it.. It is, in any case, a different front from that of the Spanish file. For the Lions to have the door to the World Cup open again, World Rugby would have to rule in second instance in their favor in the Van den Berg case and, on the other hand, sanction Romania with the loss of the points corresponding to the matches in which he lined up Tomane. These, according The worldthere would be four: against the Netherlands in 2021 and against Spain, Portugal and Georgia in 2022. If Spain is not forgiven and neither is Romania, then Portugal would have a direct ticket and the National Team would have to play the playoffs.

Therefore, the most important thing is to convince the new independent panel, this time formed by Wang Shao In, president, and Adam Casselden and John Langford. In that sense, Spain is also going to die killing. Not only have the cases of Scotland been cited with Pierre Schoeman, Ireland with Bundee Aki and James Lowe, or the Tongan All Black Folau Fakatava (who was given an exemption from the rule of five years of continuous residence, allowing naturalization in a shorter period), as announced The Telegraph. Reference has also been made to the famous ‘Grannygate’, the scandal that discovered in 2000 that the alleged family ties of New Zealanders Shane Howarth and Brett Sinkinson with Wales were false, just like those of Englishman Dave Hilton with Scotland. None of those teams was sent off from the Six Nations or the World Cup for those offences. “We are trying to make World Rugby see that the criteria should be the same in all cases. We were told that our player had no roots because in a social media post it said ‘SAFA’, which means South African. Many other players do it of teams that are not sanctioned”, they tell AS from the FER.

Regarding Van den Berg, whose indictment would be very positive for Spanish interests, it is assured that attempts have been made to contact him, but there has been no way: “We know he is in Madrid, but not where. We have tried to call him, we have sent him emails and he doesn’t reply to us at all”. The Disciplinary Committee, which days ago decreed the administrative descent of Alcobendas to the Honor Division B due to the alleged involvement of several members in the falsification of Gavin’s passport, is already finalizing a sanction for the player, who did not appear in the previous sentence.

“Writs have reached us that incriminate him in forgery,” the same sources explain. If Van den Berg himself had participated in it, Spain would have more options for the panel to consider that it was deceived, but even so, he would still not justify why he accepted the documentation that he presented as valid. The most feasible way, they consider in the FER in light of the strategy followed in this resource, is to point out the inconsistency of World Rugby in its interpretation of the eligibility regulations. The appeal process “is going to take a long time.” The hearing will no longer be on June 16, as planned. Rather, at the “end” of that month or “early July”.

Scotland rugby player Pierre Schoeman during a match.

Spain points to Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand in its appeal to World Rugby

Italy rejects the Lions to meet Romania and Portugal

Italy rejects the Lions to meet Romania and Portugal

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