Solari’s work at Real Madrid has already begun

After his frustrated adventure on the bench of the America of Mexico, Santiago Solari returned a few months ago real Madrid, where he has already been a player, coach and ambassador to be part of the board of directors. Specifically, he will be the director of the soccer section, a position that he has been holding for days, according to the newspaper Marca.

And to carry out this task correctly, the Argentine is soaking these days in something that, however, he knows well and that is nothing more than the day-to-day life of the Merengue team. In both the men’s and women’s sections, Solari’s job consists of supporting all levels, from the academy to the first team, and serving as a liaison with Jose Angel Sanchezgeneral manager of the club.

It is sought with his hiring to give a reinforcement in the sports field to an area of ​​the directive focused on the development of work on the pitch of all the teams and not in the offices. A section that also occupy Juni Calafathead of the international soccer section, and Ramón Martínez, assistant to Jose Angel Sanchez.

So things, solari will continue to be nourished during these days of the break in valdebebas and will be able to exchange opinions both with Ancelotti and with Bullpen to those who the decisions of the Argentine could benefit him soon.

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