Simeone’s plan is coming out

Simeone’s plan is being fulfilled in this preseason. The Atlético de Madrid coach had designed the summer work with the confidence of knowing that he was going to have practically all the players from the beginning, something that he considered fundamental for the good development of the Kurdish player and that he was not able to do last summer, for example , something that the coaching staff understands that weighed down the team’s performance throughout the course.

From the first moment, Cholo divided the squad into two teams that have been alternating ownership, with the idea of ​​distributing the summer minutes equally among its players. And he has fulfilled it.

In El Burgo de Osma, each played 45 minutes. In Oslo, against Manchester United, Molina (the only one who joined later), Savic, Giménez, Reinildo, Carrasco, Kondogbia, Lemar, Llorente, Correa and Cunha They had an hour of play. They had half an hour Sergio Díez, Wass, Witsel, Saúl, Koke, De Paul, Griezmann, Joao Félix and Correa.

And on Thursday, in Cádiz, the roles were reversed. That yes, with some exception, well Carrasco and Cunha were low, or Griezmann, who was the only one who was in the field for 90 minutes. They were somewhat overloaded, so it was preferred not to risk it. But in general terms, the coaching staff has distributed the summer minutes among all those available (Philip hasn’t been able to play yet and I gave it only 45 minutes against Numancia).

It will be on Sunday when, in Tel Aviv and in front of the JuventusSimeone has an eleven that will be very similar to the one that LaLiga premieres in Getafe a few days later (August 15).

Incontestable results

In terms of results, Atlético has achieved three victories in three gameswith a balance of nine goals in favor and only one against, the one received by Grbic on Thursday in the final stretch of the match against Cádiz, when the rojiblancos, who were leading 0-4, had already lowered the piston.

Álvaro Morata and Antoine Griezmann celebrating Joao Félix's goal against Manchester United.

Álvaro Morata and Antoine Griezmann celebrating Joao Félix’s goal against Manchester United.

Atletico Madrid

The mattress team has shown effectiveness in attack, solidity in defense and at times, a good game. As in the last minutes of Old Trafford, guided by Joao Felix, or for 60 minutes in the new Mirandilla, with the play of the fourth as the maximum exponent. Up to 12 touches in a row gave the rojiblancos, some at the first touchchanging the ball to the side twice before Griezmann finished off the cross from youth squad Sergio Díez on the net.

More data for optimism

If we add to this that several footballers have claimed responsibility in these matches (Wass, Morata or in the last friendly Griezmann), that others have shown a good level (Kondogbia, Witsel, Oblak, Reinildo or Correa) and that the group has a good physical level, it can be said that Simeone’s pre-season plan is being fulfilled. Of course, the clash on Sunday is missing, which will be of the highest demand, and then transfer it to LaLiga, which starts for Atlético on August 15 at the Getafe Coliseum.

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