Ricky: “I would like to return to Europe, but I don’t know when or where”

Ricky RubioNBA player, presented this Friday at the Caixa Forum in Barcelona, ​​together with Dr. Santiago Viteri, medical director of UOMI Cancer Center, the first congress of clinical trials against cancer, coinciding with the World Clinical Trials Day.

the of The Masnouwhich has been participating and promoting projects in the field of oncology for years, contributes with its foundation (The Ricky Rubio Foundation) in this first congress, whose main objective is “to focus on how we can improve clinical research, with patients, in order to advance and obtain better ways to prevent and treat cancer” as explained viteri.

Blond He has highlighted that his foundation wants to fully help in this cause while “it is happening” but that he is also “optimistic” that “this will not happen in the future”. With this, he has also highlighted that for him Viteri “is an important person” for his family and his foundation, since he suffered from this disease closely.

The first edition of this congress is held this Friday with the participation of speakers, experts in the field, from different countries such as USA, Korea either France, among others. The congress tries to share the knowledge of illustrious people in the world of oncology, how these trials are being carried out now and how they can be carried out in the future, and also to present the experience of the people who have suffered from this disease. “Our aspiration is for this congress to be an annual event and for us to be able to analyze all these advances and achievements” he stated viteri.

On the other hand, the Spanish international has also taken the opportunity to talk about his condition, after injuring his anterior cruciate ligament on December 28, 2021 with the Cleveland Cavaliers. “I am very happy with the evolution and with all the phases, the goal is to reach the preseason, to be able to start training, but I will play when the body and mind are ready” he has expressed Blond.

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In addition, he has also spoken about the possibility of returning to play in Europe. “I would like to come back, but I don’t know when or where, right now I’m just thinking about recovery and I enjoy basketball like any fan” said the Catalan point guard.

Rubio also explained his feelings about the Euroleague semifinal between Barça and Madrid: “As a spectator and a basketball fan, it was a very nice game, there were many technical and tactical details. It was a shame the defeat of the Barcabut personally I am very happy for Sergio Llullbecause he is a player who has had a very bad time, because he had the injury that I had years ago and he showed what he is as a player.

And he has finished giving the keys to what, for him, happened to the Barça team: “It is difficult to see a clear thing about what the Barca. He had a great first half, winning by 11 points… perhaps the spirit that special players have. You can go into details of a match, but there are many things and the Euroleague It is a very difficult competition. When it’s a five-game playoff you have more room for error, but in one game any detail or dynamic that goes awry changes everything.”

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