Restraining order between Rajon Rondo and his ex-partner is annulled

A judge from Louisville (USA) annulled the restraining order between Rajon Rondo and his ex-partner after the veteran NBA player reached an agreement with the woman, who accused him in May of having threatened her with a gun.

Rondo’s ex-partner, a veteran point guard who played for the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, also denounced that the player physically and verbally abused her and her two children.

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Martin Santana

Rajon Rondo in an image of his Laker stage.

A Louisville judge had ordered Rondo’s removal on May 13, but overturned his decision last Thursday after an agreement between the base and the woman, as revealed on Monday by the chain ‘Espn’, which accessed the documents.

I am extremely terrified for my safety and that of my children. Rajon has a history of volatile, erratic and explosive behavior“Said the ex-girlfriend in May.

He is verbally, emotionally, and financially abusive. He physically hits our son and calls him things like ‘slut’ and accuses him of acting like a ‘whore’ (…). Rajon verbally assaults our daughter. He calls her things like ‘bitch’ or ‘asshole’ (…). He has threatened me with death several times saying that he will shoot me or my car“, he detailed.

Two time NBA championone with the Boston Celtics (2008) and another with the Los Angeles Lakers (2020), Rondo, 36, began this season playing with the Lakers and finished the course on the Cleveland Cavaliers squad.

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