PJ Tucker, the record holder of non-scorers

PJ Tucker surpassed last night, during the victory of the Philadelphia 76ers over the Brooklyn Nets by 115-106, a curious record in the NBA. The 37-year-old veteran, defensive anchor of his franchise, chained his fourth game without scoring a basket and accumulate already 133 minutes without adding a single point.

It is a record in the American league that surpasses the previous ones of Charles Jones -110 minutes in 1993- and Dennis Rodman -106 minutes in 1998-, the only other two players who chained more than 100 minutes of play without scoring a single basket. Jones, yes, he went 17 games in a row without scoring a basket with the Houston Rockets, an absolute record in number of games.

Despite the apparent negative impact of the statistic, the truth is that Tucker presents in the same streak the best +/- of his team, a +Four. Five which is explained by its enormous role in the defensive scheme designed by Doc Rivers. So far this season, the wing leads this ranking of influence within the squad with a +75a number higher than Joel Embiid’s +64 or Tyrese Maxey’s +43.

The player, during the win against the Nets, managed leave Kevin Durant at 14 shots and 20 points. In the fourth quarter, he left him dry and scoreless, with a single failed attempt from the three line.

In his four games without making a basket, Tucker has defended Lauri Markkanen, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Karl-Anthony Towns and KD himselfleaving them all below their season averages and helping the team to three wins and one loss despite the notable losses of Harden, Maxey and, in the game against the Nets, Embiid.

In this period, the defensive specialist has accumulated 0 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists, 5 steals, 5 losses and 10 fouls personal, with a 0 of 8 shooting from the field and a 0 of 3 from the perimeter. Even so, he has been the player with the greatest statistical impact on his team, and it is that not everything is scoring in basketball and the NBA.

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