Philadelphia invents an “MVP” for Embiid

Joel Embiid already has his MVP, although it’s not what he wanted in the first place. The Philadelphia City Council awarded the Cameroonian center the award for “Most Valuable Philadelphian” this Thursday, a distinction that was made before the elimination of the Sixers in the second round of the playoffs, explained Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. after hearing some laughter in the room.

The mayor of Pennsylvania’s largest city settled the matter with an eloquent statement: “A little trivia never hurts”. The resolution was quickly approved by the plenary.

Embiid came in second in the voting for the MVP he really wanted, the NBA regular season MVP. Nikola Jokic repeated as the winner for the second year in a row and beat the Cameroonian player on the street, who had a great season and ended up leading the league in scoring with 30.6 points per game in 68 gameshis highest record in the competition.

An elbow to the face of Pascal Siakam he fractured the orbital bone of Embiid’s right eye, an injury that caused him to miss the first two games of the conference semifinals against the Miami Heat after outscoring the Toronto Raptors in the first round. The Floridians beat the Sixers in six games and left the perennial MVP candidate and his team in the gutter in another playoff disappointment more for them.

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