Pellegrini: “Hopefully this is the beginning of a path that will last for many years”

This Thursday, Real Betis offered its Copa del Rey title to the Junta de Andalucía, represented by its president, the Popular Party politician Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, who received the entire Verdiblanca expedition at the Palacio de San Telmo.

At the event, the coach, Manuel Pellegrini, highlighted the work that has been done since the start of the season to win the trophy. “On the day of the match, since we left the stadium, we saw an impressive fervor in the city, but after getting the victory, more. The cup was not won on Saturday, but since the beginning of the season, when we decided on the objective and that there was a team that I was going to fight for that and we achieved a partnership with the fans that was felt from the first moment. We felt it and we went out from the beginning to achieve it and fortunately we did it. Hopefully this is the beginning of a path that will last for many years, for the future”, said Pellegrini in his brief address to the president of the Andalusian government.

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The president of Real Betis, Ángel Haro, stated for his part that “we have come to offer this Copa del Rey to all Andalusians. It is a Cup that is also from Andalusia. There are goals from a forward from Coín, a shot that ends in goal of the boy from Olivares or how the legend of El Puerto de Santa María has lifted the Cup. The emigration of Andalusians to Catalonia, of parents, children and grandchildren, is also present”, the Betic president has glossed.

The Chairman of the Board, Juan Manuel Moreno, praised the achievement of the Betis and thanked them on behalf of the Andalusians: “Andalusia is proud to have a Champion of Spain in our land. As proud to have been able to celebrate it at the Cartuja stadium, happily recovered for the cause, which has added another great sporting event to its history. On behalf of the Andalusian Government and Andalusians, we thank you for making us feel proud. Betis crosses borders. I ask you that you continue doing Marca Andalucía. From Andalusia we are capable of being champions and having titles. We still have two Copa del Rey to celebrate in the recovered Cartuja stadium. I hope that Real Betis will be in these finals again. This year you have conveyed enthusiasm, passion and joy to Andalusians”, indicated the Chairman of the Board.

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