Mike Brown starts his project with the Kings: “This site can explode”

Mike Brown didn’t have to pack to travel from San Francisco to Sacramento, a road trip of about 150 kilometers covered in an hour and a half. One day after celebrating the NBA ring with the Warriors, his third as franchise assistant in six years, the coach was introduced as new Kings coach in a project that has Catalan as number two on the bench Jordan Fernandez.

“I hope I don’t get in trouble for saying this, but I couldn’t celebrate as I wanted because of this damn press conference,” snapped the coach to break the ice with the journalists. There was laughter, much more than usual, in a venue more accustomed to sober appearances after 16 years of drought without stepping on a playoffs. Brown, after two stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers and a brief stint with the Los Angeles Lakers, is entering his fourth term as NBA bench manager.

“I think the potential here is huge, and I’m excited to think about it… I’m happy with the players we have, and this site can explode, there are many opportunities and I want to be part of it,” said the coach.

The playoff drought has lasted since 2006, and the balance of 30 wins and 52 losses suggests that this team has only one possible path ahead: going up the table. “I come here to win, we are going to embrace the challenge that lies ahead”assured a Brown who accepted the mission of reviving the franchise while the Warriors played the conference semifinals against the Grizzlies.

In addition to Fern├índez, a resident of Badalona and former assistant to Michael Malone’s Denver Nuggets, Brown revealed most of the members of his coaching staff during the presentation: Jay Triano, of the Charlotte Hornets; Luke Loucks of the Phoenix Suns; and Doug Christie, a prominent member of the Kings as a player between 2000 and 2005.

For Brown, one of the priorities of the new stage in Sacramento will be ostensibly improve the game on defense. For him, it is not about names but about will. As proof he put the Warriors, whose defensive prowess nobody praised until they were the second most efficient team behind with names like Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins and Otto Porter Jr. in the running. “I could say the name of all my players there, and People thought they couldn’t defend, but somehow we were the second best defense in the league.” exemplified the technician.

The coach even said that the duo formed by De’Aaron Fox and Domantas Sabonis is among the top three in the league right now, and pointed out that the number four in the 2022 draft can add another valuable piece to a project with level players like Davion Mitchell, Harrison Barnes, and Richaun Holmes.

Jordi Fernandez’s dream

Before knowing his signing for the project, jordi fernandez thus valued for MD the incorporation of Brown to the Kings: “I am very happy for him. Our personal and professional relationship is very good, and I wouldn’t be here without him. When he has everything established and the season is over with Golden State, we’ll see. There is nothing concrete, but We all think about growing professionally”.

The Badalona coach, 39, met Brown in 2009 via Impact Basketball, a training program that brings together professionals, college and university players. That’s how the Catalan came to the United States and there he ran into LeBron James’s coach, who had accompanied his son, the youngest player on the entire campus. The days seeing how Fernandez handled his kid convinced Brown that it was worth betting on him, so he convinced him to settle permanently in Ohio and go personal trainer of your son and his AAU team.

Shortly after, Fernandez managed to get into the Cleveland coaching staff after attending as an observer during his time as coach of Elijah, the son of Brown. This is how he began his adventure in the NBA, working for four years as a player development coach for the Cavaliers between 2009 and 2013. Later, he worked as an assistant to the G-League with the Cleveland Charge in the 2013-2014 season, where he was promoted to head coach of the Charge between 2014 and 2016, accumulating a balance of 62 wins and 38 losses. Since 2016, Fernández was an assistant to Michael Malone in the Denver Nuggets.

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