Medical part of Barrenetxea, operated successfully today, and Zubimendi

La Real has issued the medical report of Ander Barrenetxea, which has been successfully operated in Finland and will be discharged today, and Martin Zubimendi, injured during the match against Celta. The San Sebastian has all signs of missing the next two games due to a fiber break in the hamstring of the right thigh.

Medical part

Ander Barrenetxea

He underwent surgery this morning for his injury to the posterior region of his left thigh. Professor Lasse Lempainen (Mehiläinen Neo Sports Hospital in Turku), through open surgery, has assessed the complexity of the injury and treated it by performing an anatomical reconstruction of the origin of the hamstring muscles. The intervention has been carried out satisfactorily, without incident. Today in the afternoon he will be discharged from the hospital.

During the RS-Celta de Vigo match he suffered a proximal injury to the hamstring muscles of the right thigh. You have started physiotherapy treatment. The evolution of the clinical picture will mark the progressive return to normal activities.

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