Klay jokes with Curry during the parade: “Who cries on a basketball court?

The warriors celebration through the streets of San Francisco left endless anecdotes. All the players on the squad went through the microphone to address a crowd that gave ovation after ovation throughout the day.

Among these anecdotes, we are left with the moment they starred in Klay Thompson and Steph Curry. The latter was asked about the final whistle and how he was moved by the achievement of the title.

At the end of the game we could see Steph Curry in tears after having achieved the ring, one of the most complicated of his career as he himself later admitted at a press conference.

In the celebration, however, Klay Thompson was in charge of hesitating his partner: “Seriously, who cries on a basketball court?“Asked the escort among the laughter of the public.

Curry followed the joke, pulling topics and ironysaying that “no one should cry in basketball”while bursting with laughter and ending his speech.

The tables were later turned, when Klay himself became the center of the laughter as he tripped during the celebration and nearly fell to the ground in front of all his teammates.

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