Juancho Hernangómez’s contract with the Raptors is fully guaranteed

Juancho Hernangomez will be a player of the Toronto Raptors to all effects. During the last days there has been speculation that the forward did not have a guaranteed place in the Canadian squad and therefore, he should earn a position during the preseason.

It has been the North American journalist Keith Smith who has echoed the news. Finally, the little brother of the Hernangomez will share the small forward demarcation with great players like Pascal Siakam, Scotty Barnes or the newcomer, Otto Porter.

This puts an end to the rumor mill that warned that Juancho Hernangomez did not attend the European appointment with the Spanish selection during this eurobasketball. It had been speculated that the forward could leave the concentration ahead of time to make the most of his options to gain a place in the squad of the Raptors during the preseason.

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