Irving and the Nets hit the rage in Toronto despite Juancho’s double-double

When he just does what he wants on the court, Kyrie Irving dominate and demolish everything at will. Off in the first half (3 points and 1/5 shooting) he boiled over in the second with 26 points (19 in the third quarter) with a superb 10/11 in field goals to leave in ashes Raptors Comeback, with an authoritative 112-98 at the end after the 52-51 break after losing 23-36 in the first set.

Finally everyone, all healthy, all 100% focused on the game -for now-, and all inspired, the ‘Big Three’ of the Brooklyn Nets, the third consecutive game this season that all three reach the same double digits. In front of them, the phenomenal and unpredictable Kyrie Irving (an 11/16 shooting from the field), followed by Ben Simmons (14 and 7/ in TC) and Kevin Durant (12 and 5/10 in shots), delighted to give the scoring prominence to his teammates.

They chose well to continue the three hand in hand, the inaccessible of the Canadian team, whose last and only executioner in the Scotiabank Arena it had been Tuesday of the Nets, Philadelphia 76ers. Some Raptors, to tell the truth, ‘depersonalized’, devastated by injuries and viruses, without their trident, without Pascal Siakamwithout Fred VanVleetwithout scottie barnes and a few more. After falling against a Sixers without Harden, Embiid or Maxey, losing was almost ‘forbidden’ in Brooklyn against another rival so limited without his stars.

Among those who remain healthy in Toronto, Juancho Hernangomez He goes on with his business, making good use of the time to continue having it when they are all available, signing up for his first double-double of the season with 10 points (4/9 in pitches) and 10 rebounds plus 3 steals in almost 33 minutes, repeating positive plus-minus (+5), which the starters did not achieve, including the two top scorers in the contest, Gary Trent Jr. (19 goals but a 6/19 in TC) and O.G. Anunobyfew points for what he usually does (15) and many misses (7/20 in shots).

It was a different afternoon-night in Toronto, straight, the second time that the Canadian anthem was heard, sung at the top of its lungs in the pubs of Dowtown, in the heart of the city. To ‘discover’ the passion for Soccer World Cup‘soccer’ in American slang, to resume the wonderful routine of the NBA, everyone dazzled by the interesting staging of the Canadian team despite the final result against Belgium and the penalty missed by Alfonso Davies (1-0). Overwhelmed by the happiness of the novelty, the first time for many seeing Canada in a World Cup in which they did not participate from to 36 years. Clearly masculine, because the girls, current Olympic champions and eight World Cup participants, are an absolute reference.

The event was so important that in the previous Raptors-Nets, despite the fact that whoever was coming, the Nets, Ben SimmonsKevin Durant and a Kyrie Irving who appeared for the first time in Toronto since 2019 between a pandemic and impediments to play due to the vaccine issue, soccer, so relatively insignificant in Canada, presided over the conversations of the Scotiabank Arena huddles before the game. “We had good opportunities,” the Raptors coach began, Nick Nurse, in the appearance prior to the meeting. ‘Amazing’.

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DOHA, QATAR - NOVEMBER 23: John Herdman, Head Coach of Canada, speaks to their team after the 0-1 loss the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group F match between Belgium and Canada at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium on November 23, 2022 in Doha , Qatar.  (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

And amazing is also the consolidated metamorphosis of Simmons in principle. In what Kyrie Irving has taken to return with his process of ‘re-education’, the Australian has been corrected to turn complaints into praise. What happens with the ‘bad boys’ in the class, that sometimes you have to separate them to redirect their behavior. Evoking the similes with soccer for once that is so fashionable in Canada, the ‘aussie’ is once again literally the number that he wears, the ’10’ who scores little but distributes and assists a lot, giving meaning to everything with the last passes (6 assists and only one loss).

When he was not there, the Nets were lost on the track, to the point that the Raptors, depleted as they were, went up at halftime (52-51) after coming to go 13 below towards the end of the first quarter (23-36). Coincidences or ironies, during the pause the Toronto Argonauts, champions of the Gray Cup 21-22, the national league of the sport that they do call ‘soccer’ in both Canada and the United States, the American. Perhaps the greatest ‘achievement’ of the 2026 World Cup, which Canada and the United States host together with Mexicois that in North America football left the ‘nickname’ of ‘soccer’, strange and according to how ‘offensive’ for soccer fans at heart.

With Ben Simmons, practice proved the theory once again when the Nets dominated, which happened for a large part of a game in which the last quarter was left over (76-91 at the end of the third quarter): Simmons’ defect, the lack of shooting, is a valuable virtue next to Durant and Irving, capable of playing more outside the ball and assuming as executors everything that does not end the Australian.

At his side, two of those present in Kevin Durant’s noted starting quintet also grow in his controversial interview with Chris Haynes: Royce O’Neale (15 points, all triple with a 5/8) and nic claxton, impressive in the vicinity of the ring with 14 goals (6/7 in TC) and 12 captures, in addition to 4 blocks. O’Neale and Morris, 9 points from 3 triples, filled the void of the current best shooter in the NBA, yuta watanabeabsent due to injury.

All this makes Durant happy, who, with only 12 points, His worst game of the season did not materialize despite staying at his lowest score of the course, but he was relieved of responsibility. According to the plus-minus, he was the best of the game and of the Nets (+30, his third best run this season). He was overwhelmed at times with the 2×1 of the Raptors, that also applied it with ‘trap’ in the defense of the direct blockade. Up to five losses as a result of it but also 3 blocks, very applied in defense to neutralize OG Anunoby.

“The 3 points in the first part of Irving? I wanted to reserve him”

jacque vaughn Nets coach

The Raptors centralized some of their play on Anunoby’s powerful one-on-one, less effective this time with the better handlers, generators and shooters from Nick Nurse’s team in the infirmary opening up space. Bursting Toronto with athletic and sized players, the trick was to attack Kyire Irving one on one, but the Nets knew when and how to send a help to the point guard. Raptors’ gruesome series last night from the perimeter (24% with 7/29) They also invited it.

Both booed and absent in the first half -barely 3 points in 11 minutes with 1/5 shooting-, Kyrie ‘warmed up’, his wrist too and, with that flurry of impulses in which no one coughs on him, he erupted: 19 points in the third quarter and 26 in the second half to send the Raptors to the canvas. “I wanted to reserve him in the first half, he has a talent that has been given to him, he can score on any court,” explained the Nets coach, JacqueVaughn, after the meeting.

And Kyrie, so happy with his performance to talk about how Simmons is progressing and generous in his responses to reporters. So differential and wild on the ‘track’, so restrained and affable outside of it, beyond the protocol “thank you” to say goodbye to the media. “I don’t celebrate it, but happy Thanksgiving to everyone,” the base, Muslim but respectful of the Christian holiday in the United States, wished the media. that the NBA will stop this Thursday, Showing respect for all religions that Kyrie referred to in his latest controversy, this time his conduct as a player and as a person was impeccable. When he does it well, you also have to recognize it: So yeah, Kyrie.

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