Historical record: Ish Smith could wear 13 different shirts

His career in the NBA started in Houston but ish smith he realized early on that suitcases were going to be part of his NBA career. Yesterday was traded to Denveran operation that has made him enter the history of the league.

For what is this? That if he debuts with the Nuggets he will become the first player to have worn 13 different shirts during his journey in the best league in the world.

Smith has proven to be talented enough to earn his place in the league. not for nothing takes more than a decade obtaining contracts. However, stability has not been his thing. We saw his longest stage in Detroit, where he settled down from 2016 to 2019.

So far it has been part of six teams from the Eastern Conference and another six from the West. Denver could break that tie if Smith ends up making his debut with Mike Malone’s franchise.

As if everything is hustle and bustle, Smith has repeated team on occasion. This last stage in Wizards it wasn’t his first. The player had already been part of the capital before his brief stint with the Charlotte Hornets.

Something similar happened to him seven years ago with the Sixersa team to which he came from the Oklahoma City Thunder and to which he would return after a brief stint with the New Orleans Pelicans.

smith is a manual globetrotter, although all their movements have been made through the United States. A versatile chip that has been part of countless teams in recent years. Now it’s up to the Nuggets to decide if they continue to extend their history.

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