Hierro: “Against City the difficulty will be maximum”

Fernando Hierro, a former Real Madrid player and former national coach, participated in the “Embajadores LaLiga-Premio Platino” charity match at the Wanda Metropolitano, where he spoke to the media to analyze the current situation of a Madrid that will be champion tomorrow if it wins or tie against Espanyol.

“He will be a fair champion, without a doubt. In the absence of five days he has one point left, nobody would dare to say no. We already know that it is football, the reality is that he has a very high percentage, he will be a great League champion”, said the former defender, who was full of praise for Benzema

“Every time there is talk before,” he said in reference to the Frenchman’s status as the favorite to win the Ballon d’Or, “we know that he is an extraordinary player, who was very close last year, he has all the offensive responsibility of the team. Then those who decide depend on other things, the titles, if there is a World Cup… they already decide that. I would give it to him without a doubt”, he added before talking about the duel with Manchester City.

“You have to forget about PSG and Chelsea, the comeback is the one on Wednesday, a semi-final against a great team like City at your home. The others have already happened. The reality is if we end up winning the League and arrive on Wednesday in the best conditions because it’s going to be a demanding match. Small details will make the difference, City is a great team, we play at home, with our people, and in those cases I’m always optimistic and now I am too, knowing that the difficulty is maximum ”

Asked about a hypothetical corridor in the Wanda, Hierro did not want to enter into controversy. “I don’t get into everyone’s house, we are more aware of that than winning the league, that’s plenty. A League champion when he is, who celebrates it as he has to celebrate it and then there is the respect of the world of football, Everyone will know what they have to do, but without being a champion, asking when they are going to make the corridor, I don’t I manage to understand. All the teams when they are champions have always done it, although there will be some cases that do not. 95% of the time it has always been done, it is football, sport, ”he settled.

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