Francisco: “Villarreal is the most balanced team”

The coach of Elche, Francis Rodriguez, He stated this Friday, in a telematic press conference, that Villarreal, his team’s next rival, is the most balanced team with the best combined game in the competition.

“For me now it is the best team in the category. He has added thirteen of the last fifteen points and playing very well”, said the Almeria coach, who He recalled that Elche is “needy” of points, so he hoped to achieve victory with the support of the fans.

The coach stated that, despite the rival’s potential, he will try not to change much the style of play “or the winning mentality”, although he admitted that “precautions will have to be taken because it is a Champions team and the one that gives the most sense of danger in rival field”.

“We know that it is a team with quality, that manages all facets of the game and that it has players with arrival. But Villarreal will also have to lose a game and we hope it will be this one”. argument.

Francisco described the week as “difficult” due to casualties and new covid infections, but guaranteed that the staff is “plugged in” and trusted to be able to recover Lucas Boyé, player who described as “very important” for Elche.

congratulated for power face Unai Emery again, the one he had as coach at Almería, since he indicated that it is a sign that he is “in a good place, in the First Division, because he is an important coach, one of the best in Spain”.

“I have never been able to get the three points from him and I will try to make it this day,” he said. Francisco, who avoided talking about the tie Cup against Real Madrid, although he guaranteed that Elche will prepare it with the intention of overcoming it.

In this sense, he affirmed that Elche “cannot afford” to reserve people for the Cup. “It is something unfeasible for us. Not even in the best of my dreams could I do that,” he added.

He reiterated that he is calm about the possible movements in the winter market and revealed that the only player who has personally addressed a possible exit is Josema Sánchez, who has had a few minutes.

In the cases of Iván Marcone, Javier Pastore and Dario Benedetto, who according to the Argentine media interest several clubs in their country, Francisco He recalled that they are players “with a good lineup”, although he clarified that it is something that the sports management and the club’s property carries, the businessman Christian Bragarnik.

“Our competitors are getting stronger, but for me those who are here are the best and with them we are going to the fullest. I am aware that what I have is what I will have until the end and to get the most out of them”, explained Francisco, who confessed that the team, in his opinion, needs at least one alternative to johan mojica on the left side.

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