Every NFL Wild Card underdog in the last 20 years: Colts, Giants, Buccaneers …

Dave Tollefson of the Giants and Jeff Garcia of the Buccaneers

Despite the fact that the hometown is seen as one of the biggest advantages in the NFL playoffs, hosting a wild card match does not guarantee qualification for the divisional round.

Since the 2002 postseason, there have been a total of 78 wild card round matches and 30 teams that played that round as victims were victorious (.384 ERA).

In addition, the possibility of beating the casinos is more common than expected when considering that in 2003, 2006, 2012 and 2016 there were no surprises in the wild card. Without those 16 commitments, the underdog’s ERA increases to .483.

These are the clubs that have beaten the odds in the wild card round.

The wild card underdogs

2002 Falcons
2004 Jets Rams, Vikings
Buccaneers, Panthers
2007 Giants
2008 Chargers
2009 Jets, Ravens Cardinals
2010 Jets
Packers, Seahawks
2011 Broncos
2013 Chargers, Colts Saints
2014 Ravens
2015. Packers
2017 Titans Rams
2018 Chargers, Colts Eagles
2019 Titans
Seahawks, Vikings
2020 Browns Rams

Giants and Packers, the highlights

Among that select group of underdogs, two teams stand out: the 2007 Giants and the 2010 Packers. Those clubs are the only two that after overcoming the wild card in the role of victims, they won the Super Bowl.

In case of New York is paradigmatic when considering that avoided the second perfect campaign in history. For its part, Green Bay broke a 14-year drought at Lambeau Field after beating the Steelers.

Other teams that deserve recognition are the 2013 Colts, who got the second biggest comeback in the history of the playoffs (deficit of 28 points against the Chiefs). Finally, in 2019 the Titans they gave the season at Foxborough in which it represented Tom Brady’s last game with the Patriots.

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