Draymond Green reveals his top-5 greatest players of all time

It is already known that Draymond Green belongs to the rare but valued lineage of guys who don’t keep quiet about anything and don’t hesitate to speak up about what they think. The interior of the Warriors is clear about his list of the best players of all time in the NBA but, curiously, this time it was not he who said it directly, but rather it was revealed by the account of the Uninterrupted platform.

More curious still, that Green respects the ‘politically correct’ hierarchy, which places Michael Jordan above all when it comes to the best. After ‘MJ’, the Warriors player places, in this order, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry.

With three rings and chosen NBA Defensive Player once and included six times in the Best Defensive Team Among other individual distinctions, the Michigan power forward came to proclaim himself the best defender in history among many other projected phrases.

What is striking is that in recent days Green, so prone to being news, has been more so for foreign reasons. Not only because he has not disclosed his list of favorite players himself, but also because, unknowingly, he caused millionaire losses in the bookmakers.

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