Do the Cavaliers have room for LeBron James?

Should the Los Angeles Lakers worry? Nothing seems to indicate that Lebron James have decided on his future, although this August the Los Angeles franchise may make him an offer to extend his contract and prevent the player from going free next summer. If things don’t go well in LA during the 2022-23 season and the star decides not to sign a renewal, the threat of him leaving for nothing will become more and more real. Brian Windhorstanalyst of the ESPNgave more details of this possibility and placed the Cleveland Cavaliers as a possible destination for the star.

“I don’t feel that LeBron wants to leave the Lakers, but it would be delusional not to see how The Cavs have positioned themselves to have plenty of cap space next summer.. So LeBron could potentially be free agent, and the team has a young core that is growing a lot. In fact, they have more now and are more powerful than when he came back in 2014.”

Among James’s plans is being able to play together withu son bronny starting in 2024, when the eldest of his sons will be eligible for the NBA Draft.

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