Boston, a new leader subscribed to tricks

It seems difficult with so many games being played every day and so much history of the rules, but there are teams that are still capable of finding holes in the regulations to get some unusual advantage. They are doing it this season, nothing less than the boston celticsperched at the first position of the East and the current absolute leadership in the nba with a balance of 13-4 that suggests that they have overcome the ups and downs of a turbulent preseason in which they even suffered a sudden change of coach.

One of those experiments is used to maintain a slight advantage in the last minutes of the game. Teams that let the ball roll on the floor in the last seconds of games are common to gain time in these situations (Ricky Rubio has been one of the experts on this) but now it turns out that the Celtics They do it with several minutes to play and the reason is to exploit a loophole in the regulations.

And it is that before the last two minutes, the game clock runs continuously after a basket. However, the shot clock for a possession does not start until the ball is touched. In this way, and quite logically, a team could keep the ball for minutes if it is not required to pick it up and start the shot clock.

The Celtics they realized this and have been using it to their advantage to waste time when they have a fourth quarter lead. In addition, they place one or two players in front of the manager to protect him in a hypothetical pressure from the rival. This situation has already generated some conflictive situation that has led to more advantage, such as an unsportsmanlike action pointed out to Aaron Gordonof the Nuggetsfor pushing Grant Williamsone of those protection players.

The other experiment that has attracted attention in Boston games is the jumps of its pivot Luke Kornett, 2.18 tall, when an opposing long-distance shooter aims for the hoop. He does it even when he’s away from it, seeing that he doesn’t come to help, and rises up with the intention of hiding the view of the rim from the shooter.

In a match against the cavaliers his jumps surprised okoro who missed his first two downs but Boston instead lost the rebound option because kornet he was focused on his jump and not so much on gaining position.

Kornet jumping to block the shooter's vision

Kornet jumping to block the shooter’s vision

“It’s something I started doing quite naturally and they told me it worked,” Kornet explained to NBC. “From the number of times I’ve used it, it seems to make a difference. If the numbers start to indicate otherwise, then I’ll adjust.”

Apparently, this strategy, which has already been called the Kornet Contestis not typical of the Celtics but this player began to do it last year in the G-League with sometimes interesting results. It will be necessary to see if as the season progresses it is maintained.

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