Barça polls members to decide on Montjuïc season tickets

The FC Barcelona already has in mind the landing in the Olympic Stadium Lluís Companys de Montjuïc and is studying how to manage the 83,500 season tickets in a stadium with much less capacity (60,713) than the Camp Nou (99,354). The Barcelona club will offer leave of absence to its season-ticket members, as already happened in the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons due to the Covid-19 but the idea, in the absence of being made official, is that there are only about 45,000 valid subscriptions to have the capacity to sell tickets to the rest of the public.

However, before making final decisions, the barca is polling its partners on their future intention to move up to Montjuic to watch the matches, how you would travel and if you would prefer to do without the season ticket and choose to buy tickets for certain matches with special conditions for members. Through an e-mail, the club has sent a survey to the members of 17 questions, the 14th being the most striking question: “With all the information available now, I would opt for: a) Acquire a new subscription to go to the Estadi Olímpic de Montjuïc at a price similar to that of the Spotify Camp Nou (a fixed seat or Seient Lliure service is not guaranteed); b) Buy match-by-match tickets with special conditions (exclusive pre-sale price and an exclusive discount for season ticket holders); c) Don’t go to Montjuïc”.

In other words, given the possibility that there are more season ticket holders who want to go to Montjuic that available seats, it is already dropped that the seat could not be fixed and that the Seient Lliure. And it affects whether, in the event that a fixed seat could be guaranteed but a variable one within the same area, they would maintain their desire to acquire a season ticket or not. And it is also questioned about the intention if there was a fixed seat but without Seient Lliure.

The survey also asks about attendance at the Camp Nou in the current season and how he travels to go to the Barça coliseum. In the same way, he wonders about the intention of going to watch the games at Montjuïc specifying between League (at the weekend except Sunday nights or during the week), European competition, Copa del Rey and emphasis is placed on the problem of transportation and how would you go to Montjuïc advancing that “private access by car will only be allowed up to various entry points to the Montjuïc mountain (such as Plaça Espanya) and the motorcycle parking spaces around the Olympic Stadium will be limited“. And about whether, already in the surroundings of Montjuïc, he would use the free shuttle bus service that could enable the club from different points of the city such as Plaça Espanya or Gran Via 2, as well as by bus, bicycle, Motosharing, electric scooter, taxi or would go on foot.

Once the survey data is collected, the FC Barcelona will evaluate what it will do with the subscriptions for the next season, not an easy task to face the 2023-24 campaign in exile from Montjuic due to the remodeling works of the SpotifyCamp new.

The Barcelona club will have to carry out a series of improvements in the Olympic Stadium to move during the year of greater works in the Camp Nou

The Barcelona club will have to carry out a series of improvements in the Olympic Stadium to move the next season

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