Al Horford: “It was important to get this victory no matter what it took”

the dominican Al Horford was satisfied this Thursday with the victory of the Boston Celtics and stressed that it was essential for his team to equal the Eastern final against the Miami Heat after their loss in the first game.

They beat us in the first game and it was important for us to go out and get this victory no matter what it took“, He stated in statements to the media after the duel.

With an overwhelming and incontestable victory, the Celtics tied the Eastern final 1-1 after destroying the Heat 102-127.

The Celtics had the reinforcements of Marcus Smart, who did not play in the first game due to a sprain; and from Horford himself, who did not play that match either for having entered the coronavirus protocol.

Smart was the soul of Boston with 24 points, 9 rebounds and 12 assists and Horford, who is playing at a very high level at 35 years old, contributed 10 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, a steal and a block.

The Dominican, who came out of the coronavirus protocol hours before playing the second game, admitted that he had gone through “uncertainty” and many emotions in recent days.

In the end, I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to play tonight and to be back with the team.“, he said, mentioning that “the hardest thing” for him was not helping his teammates when they “needed” him.

After entering the protocol hours before the first game, Horford was expected to miss several games until he met the requirements to exit the protocol.

However, the ESPN network detailed this Thursday a possibility that he would have returned earlier than expected since, according to an NBA memorandum dated April 30, the league allows players to return to the field if they submit two consecutive negative PCR tests right on game day.

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Guille Alvarez


Regardless of the protocol Horford was especially happy to have added in defense Along with his teammates Marcus Smart and Robert Williams, all of them recovered from their physical problems.

It felt good. That’s what our team is about“, said.

“Udoka (the Celtics coach) has done a good job with us all year to establish an identity: who we want to be. And then we go out (to play) and do it. And we enjoy doing it,” he added.

The series now travels to Boston, where Game 3 will be played on Saturday.

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