1-1: Villalibre keeps knocking on Valverde’s door

The curtain of the preseason of the Athletic got off with boards. After slipping on yesterday Euskal Herria Txapela winning the Real societythe rojiblancos equalized with the Alaves in a friendly played behind closed doors in Lezama. More than just a pandemic-scented workout. With no one in the stands, the voices of the protagonists could be heard clearly. The second unit came back on stage, as it happened in walk last week, and villalibre added another notch to become a summer top scorer and give more headaches to Valverde thinking about who will be the spearhead against the Majorca. especially if Raulwho left Barakaldo with discomfort in the soleus, did not arrive on time.

There were tests for all tastes. Danny Garcia Y Nolaskoain They formed in the axis of the defense before the physical problems of Inigo Martinez and a Yeray who was relieved to rest in Barakaldo. The Alaves He presented a more titular physiognomy and assumed command in practically the entire engagement. Although the lack of forcefulness in the area weighed her down, quite the opposite of the Athletic. Luis Riojavery active from the left, was the first to test it with a timid shot that saved Padilla. Unai Simon continues out of competition, followed the duel from the stands. Yes indeed, Valverde He pointed out on Friday that he hopes to be able to count on his services for the league debut.

it cost the Athletic loom in danger. Petxa tried his luck from the edge of the field after a rebound from a corner, although his powerful shot went wide. The first egg white had albiazul color. alkaine did not hit an empty goal in the 18th minute after a back pass from Rioja. The former of the Real He did the hardest, hands up. villalibre opened the scoring midway through the first act after a luxury assist from Guruzeta. Threaded center, measured and finished with a touch at the pleasure of the buffalo. from killer. Knock, knock on the door Txingurri.

The forces were balanced and the revolutions of the shock lowered. The domain of Alava vanished, yes, when Athletic he still had a hard time stringing together danger. Adu Ares Y Louis Bilbao they threatened from the sides, but without punishing. the troop of Luis Garcia He accumulated two other clear options in the final stretch of the first act. First in a service Rioja who walked through the small area without finding a finisher and then with a header from From the source with everything in favor that went to the right of Padilla.

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The morning did not invite the game to have too much rhythm. There was little continuity at the beginning of the second period, in which inaccuracies predominated. The Alaves he lived closer to the rival area, however he did not put in trouble Padilla. villalibre he had what would have been his third brace of the preseason. The leather went to his right leg and he did not have the same speed to define. The shot from him with thread from him narrowly missed.

It was the last intervention for the buffalo, since the changes began after soccer time. De Marcos, Morcillo, Nico Serrano and Muniain entered the green by the Athletic. The 10 relieved villalibre Y Guruzeta was placed as a reference. Highlander, who could leave on loan before the market closes, entered boldly. Two shots were taken out of the top hat, hitting the crossbar in the second. Luis Garcia also moved the bench giving entry to Sylla, Adbe, Alex Balboa and Toni Moya.

The game was languishing and it seemed that the electronic would not move anymore. However the Athletic he was let go in the final minutes. Probably due to the lack of tension of a friendly without an audience and an eleven that was made up of the less usual and with some troops out of position. Tables arrived in error Nolaskoain. She wanted to control with her chest and allowed herself to eat the toast Sylla, granting a hand in hand that the striker did not waste. The Senegalese was able to complete the comeback immediately afterwards, this time he was not successful against Padilla and the ball brushed against the stump of the post. No more blank bullets for him Athletic. The next ones will be really against him Majorcawith the first three points of the season in contention.






Athletic: Padilla; Capa, Dani García, Nolaskoain, Balenziaga (De Marcos, min. 62); Petxa, Winner; Adu Ares (Morcillo, min. 62), Guruzeta, Luis Bilbao (Nico Serrano, min. 62); and Villalibre (Muniain, min. 62).

Alaves: Severe; Arroyo, Abqar, Duarte; Benavidez, Salva Seville; Alkain, Guridi, Luis Rioja; and from the Source.
​Also played: Sylla, Alex Balboa, Toni Moya, Abde, Jason and Mahmoud.

goals: 1-0, Villalibre (min. 24); 1-1, Sylla (min. 82).

Referee: Gorka Etayo. No cards.

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