1-0: Almería lacks success, but wins Cartagena

The UD Almeria played their penultimate pre-season game in the annex of the Power Horse Stadium and managed to score the victory against FC Cartagena in a match in which the Joan Francesc Ferrer Sicilia ‘Rubi’ They kept pace with the match, with a good defensive role, but without success in front of the rival goal.

Robertone, after two minutes, he scored the goal that would be the one that gave him the last victory. The rojiblanco team was the one that dominated the first part against a Cartagena team that only had an approach cut off by Of the sickle.

Soon, on the second arrival, Robertone took advantage of a header from Sousa that he repelled Aaron to put the rojiblancos ahead, in minute 2.

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Centelles, in the 25th, and Sousa, in the 31st, were able to increase the distances, in a period with hardly any suffering, due to the good work on defense. Only Janssonin 38, wore Fuoli.

The second part was more balanced, with arrivals in both areas. Ortuño warned for Cartagena, with the ball cleared by Fuoli, and two actions of Dyego Sousa and Pozo that they did not find a finisher and a possible penalty on Appiah was not sanctioned. In Cartagena, Jairo created problems on the left.

After the changes, the development of the match was not modified. There was more control of the rojiblanco team, with an arrival of Ramazani, after a bad control after the pass from Milovanović and, in minute 75, with a header from Rodrigo Ely that went wide after a corner, as a solo action by Ramazaniin 87, in which the Belgian missed the final shot.

Data sheet,

Almeria 1-0 Cartagena

1 – UD Almeria: Fuoli; Well, Kayki Fernandes, De la Hoz, Centelles; Robertone, Svidersky; Curro, Lazo, Appiah, and Dyego Sousa. Also playing, from the 71st minute, were Mendes, Babic, Gui Guedes, Milovanovic, Arnau Puigmal, Rojas, Eguaras, Rodrigo Ely, Akieme and Ramazani.

0 – FC Cartagena: Aaron Escandel; Ivan Calero, Alcala, Datkovic, Jairo; Sangalli, Musto (Mikel Rico, d. 84); David Ferreiro, Neskes, Jansson, and Ortuño.

Goal: 1-0, m.2: Robertone.

Referee: Morales Moreno, from Almeria. He admonished visiting Sangalli (d. 52).

Incidents: Sixth game of the UD Almería preseason played behind closed doors in the annex of the Power Horse Stadium.

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